Azure Enterprise Agreement Invoices

You give other users access to posting, downloading and paying invoices by assigning them the role of billing manager for an MCA or MPA billing profile. If you have chosen to receive your bill via email, users will also receive the invoices via email. Notification contacts are emailed via the Azure Enterprise Agreement. You are not supported in the new billing account. Azure credit and invoice emails are sent to users who have access to your billing account billing profiles. Invoices are released after the end of the billing period after the end of the settlement period. If the billing frequency is monthly, the bill will be released in September for both partners. If the billing cycle is quarterly or annual, the customer can expect an invoice for the previous partner for use below its period, and tranquility will be given to the new partner based on billing. You can download your invoice from the Azure portal or email it. If you`re an Azure customer with an EA business agreement, you can`t download your organization`s bill. Instead, invoices are sent to the person responsible for receiving the registration invoices.

Corporate administrators are listed as account holders, while business administrators with reading-only rights are listed as billing account readers. If you feel that there is no access for business administrators, you can give them access to the Azure portal. For more information, see Billing Roller Management on the Azure portal. If your organization has signed a Microsoft customer agreement to renew your registration to the enterprise agreement, a new billing account will be created for the agreement. Billing in your new account is organized differently from your business agreement. This article describes how you can use the new billing account to perform the tasks you performed in your enterprise contract. For more information on displaying a usage summary, downloading reports and managing registration invoices, please visit Azure Enterprise. Over-billing is automated. The date of notifications and invoices depends on the end date of your billing period. If you want to know how Azure bookings for VM-Reserved-Instances can help you save money with your Enterprise registration, please visit Azure EA`s reserved VM Instances.

You must have an owner, contributor, reader or account manager role in a billing profile to be able to download the invoice to the Azure portal. Users with an owner, contributor or reader role in a billing account can download invoices for all account billing profiles. You must have an account administrator role for a subscription to download the invoice. Users with owner, contributor or reader roles can download the invoice if the account administrator has given them permission. For more information, please see allow users to download invoices. API keys run every six months. If there is a problem, a business administrator should generate a new API key. Don`t forget to follow the steps of frequently asked questions about the API report. You can ask the registration administrators to complete the creation of your billing account. A customer`s billing frequency is annual, quarterly or monthly.

The billing cycle is determined when a customer signs their contract. Monthly billing is the smallest billing interval. The Azure Enterprise portal automatically generates a standard order number (PO), unless the business administrator sets one before the billing date.