Article 5.6 Sps Agreement

3. This agreement does not infringe on members` rights under other international instruments, including the right to use good offices or dispute resolution mechanisms of other international organizations or that have been established under an international agreement. See also > decision on the implementation of Article 4, point (d), membership and participation of the member or institutions concerned on its territory in international plant health and protection organizations and systems, as well as bilateral and multilateral agreements and arrangements under this agreement, as well as the texts of these agreements and arrangements. 2. Health or plant health measures in accordance with international standards, guidelines or recommendations are considered necessary to protect the life or health of people, animals or plants and are deemed to be in accordance with the relevant provisions of this agreement and the 1994 GATT. (b) to inform other members, through the secretariat, of the products covered by the regulation, as well as a brief indication of the purpose and reasons of the proposed regulation. These notifications come at an early stage where changes can still be made and observations can be considered; 1 In this agreement, the reference to Article XX point b) also includes the chapter of this article. (Return to text) 2 For the purposes of Article 3, paragraph 3, a scientific justification is available when a member finds, on the basis of a review and evaluation of the available scientific information, in accordance with the relevant provisions of this agreement, that the relevant international standards, guidelines or recommendations are not sufficient to achieve its appropriate level of health or plant health protection. (Back to text) 3 For the purposes of Article 5, paragraph 6, a measure is no more restrictive than necessary for trade, unless there is another reasonably available measure, given the technical and economic feasibility, which reaches the appropriate level of health or plant health protection and is significantly less trade-restrictive. (return to text) 4 For the purposes of these definitions, the animal includes fish and wildlife; The plant includes forests and wild flora; Parasites are weeds; and contaminants are residues of pesticides and veterinary drugs and foreign substances. (Back to the text) 5 Health and plant health measures such as laws, regulations or regulations that are of general application. (Return to text) 6 Where nationals are mentioned in this agreement, in the case of a separate customs territory that is a member of the WTO, the clause is considered to be a natural or legal person residing or having an effective and effective commercial or commercial establishment in that territory. (Back to text) 7 Control, inspection and authorisation procedures include sampling, testing and certification procedures, among other things.

(Back to the text) 4. Members ensure that copies of the requested documents (if any) except for the delivery fee are provided at the same price as the nationals (6) of the member concerned.