Kalispell Regional Corporate Integrity Agreement

Less than a year ago, after settling a case of false claims and entering into a company agreement (CIA), Montana`s Kalispell Regional Healthcare System (KRHS) was fined $65,000 for being “falsified” by its former compliance officer to meet one of the CIA`s requirements, according to an Aug. 28 letter from the HHS Office of Inspector General. Six members of the board of directors did not complete the training until July 2. KRH paid the $65,000 fine for non-compliance with its CIA. The hospital says it continues to review the compliance steps outlined in the agreement, which involves an independent review of these activities. The organization that conducted the audit conducted its first site visit in September. Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) was fined $65,000 this summer for failing to meet training requirements set out in an agreement with federal authorities. The deal followed a $US 24 million deal in 2018, which ended a lawsuit claiming the hospital violated anti-kickback laws. Serve as a role model for others by showing KRH`s core values: integrity, compassion, service, excellence and ownership. Lead and influence the team to provide excellent customer service. You develop and maintain relationships with other executives, departments and team members, to support open communication, trust, transparency and cooperation. “Our office will continue to focus on those who make inappropriate payments to physicians to make transfers to ensure the integrity of HHS programs,” said Steve Hanson, Special Agent at Charge, U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations, Kansas City Region. After closing the complaint last year, KRH concluded a company agreement (CIA) with the United States in December. Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health and Human Services. The complaints are titled United States ex rel. Mohatt v. Kalispell Regional Healthcare System et al., Civ. No. 16-125 and United States ex rel. Mohatt v.

HealthCenter NW, LLC et al., Civ. No. 18-80, and are consolidated at paragraph 18-80. The claims governed by this Agreement are merely assertions; No liability provisions have been made. The five-year agreement essentially outlines how Kalispell Regional Healthcare will work with the Bureau to ensure its employees and board members comply with federal laws. As part of the agreement, selected board members and collaborators were required to undergo training on federal anti-kickback laws and other related regulations. However, according to a letter sent last August by the Inspector General`s Office, KRH confirmed “wrongly” that all of its board members had received the training within 90 days of the company`s integrity agreement coming into effect. KRH`s non-compliance with the agreement was first reported by the Daily Inter Lake. Information exchanged in emails with KRH staff members, such as names, addresses and certain social security numbers, as well as personal medical information, reportedly already took place on May 24. OIG learned of the wrong certification because the new compliance officer became clean, says Nicole Caucci, OIG`s branch assistant for administrative and civil means. “There`s been a transition at the chief compliance officer,” she explains…