Checkpoint 2 Pronoun Shift And Pronoun Agreement

2.) The children went to Why does this sentence contain a pronoun-precursor concordance? “Most of the hosts were talking without looking at their notes.” Why is this sentence presumed to correspond to indeterminate pronouns? “Each candidate must submit their completed forms to the interviewer.” Thus, in paragraph 2 in Lee Carroll`s Swimming Strokes, there is only one error in the pronomic-precursor concordance that begins with To me. When a boy becomes a teenager, he often wants to show his independence. What is the name of the staff and the precursor of this sentence? I know the right answers, but I can`t explain why they are correct. Please help with the indicator of what you need to look for. Pronoun-precursor agreement 12a. When a driver wants to buy a new vehicle, he normally drives them to the sample. COM 150 12b. If a driver 1.