Build Over Agreement With Thames Water

If you are not able to answer with certainty any of the questions in our online questionnaire or the questions above or if you know that you are not qualifying, you need an approved build-over agreement. Homeowners are responsible for water pipes within their property boundary, which are called feed pipes. The form consists of five pages and all fields marked with mandatory fields must be completed before sending. Given the impact of new creations and current construction requirements, which require new foundations to be at least 1 meter deep. The depth of these foundations and the extra weight of the new structure can lead to runoff or pipes, which in turn can cause sewage overflows. Working within your limits does not normally need our permission. However, some pipes on private land may be distribution pipes that serve more than one piece of land. If you are not sure, please contact us and ask for our Hands team. If there are pipes near the planned construction, it can affect the design of the building. In addition to revising the local authority`s building rules, it is important that you cooperate with us to ensure that the pipes are protected and that our access is not restricted.

If you have requested a full build-over agreement, we will contact you within 21 days of your application. We will discuss your proposal with you, including any details that may need to be changed. If you are building on top of or near a domestic sewer with a diameter of less than or 160 mm and you can prove that your plans pose a low risk to the pipe, we may be able to grant a self-certified construction agreement. However, many previously private sewers do not appear in our records. Therefore, if you are applying for the construction of a sewer or near a sewer, you often need to provide details about the sewers and wells located nearby. Wells also cannot be built due to the increased risk of flooding and odourless wells. Whenever possible, wells should be removed and watered. If it is not possible to build a well outside a building, we can discuss alternatives if we receive your application. It`s only been a few weeks since construction work began at SW18.

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