Agreement Booking Date

You also define custom data on which work orders should be executed if a template does not meet your business needs. For example, maybe an agreement to provide services throughout the year during different holidays. You should see the bookings in a few minutes if you put the agreement on active. You should then be able to open a reservation inside your x-day setting for your reservation system agree to create work orders and see a workflow that waits an hour, that generates work orders for all your reservations within that time frame. In Field Service settings, there are important default settings that you can set for agreements that allow administrators to control how the organization creates agreements. If no value is set, the value is used by default in the foreign service settings. The hosting is responsible at all times for compliance with all applicable data protection laws. the accommodation guarantees that all personal data processed by BookingSuite will be collected and processed by the establishment in accordance with applicable legislation, including, but not limited to: (a) ensuring that all personal data is collected and processed in a fair and lawful manner and that the consent of data subjects has been obtained where necessary; and (b) ensure that all personal data is correct and up-to-date and that data subjects have fair communication describing the processing to be carried out by BookingSuite in accordance with the services agreed in this Agreement.