A Provisional Agreement Genshin

How to get started: Chat with Clerk Zhao in the room across from the North Shore after reaching the 29th row of the adventure. Reward: 100 Adventure Points, Hero Experience x5, Cecilia x5, Small Lamp Grass x5, Windy Astra x5. . Download Fortnite Mobile on Android (Android) in 2020. . Reward: access to the gift shop. . How to get started: Once you reach the 30th rank of the adventure, talk to Aramis standing in front of the capital`s cathedral. . How to get started: Talk to Marjorie after reaching rank 9 of the adventure…

How to start: Talk to Katerina in the capital of the region. . Während der Erkundung kannst du auf NPCs stoßen, die ein Ausrufezeichen über ihren Köpfen haben. Nähert euch ihnen und sprich mit ihnen, um den Start der Weltquest auszulösen! How to Get Started: Find Ana nervous in Li Yue Harbor after completing the Deadlines quest. . Etwas stimmt nicht mit der Treppe im Wangshu Inn, und es wurde wegen Reparaturen geschlossen. An die Spitze zu kommen ist jetzt ein Problem. . Here`s how to start: Read the stone chart in the middle of the slope of the ice birds. Reward: 150 adventure points, 20 sources and 20,000 diseases. First steps: Talk to Zhen Qiang at Wang Shu Inn.

How to start: talk to Katerina, secretary of the Adventurers` Guild, in Mondstadt. . New world quests may appear if you have passed a certain point in the main story! Also, be sure to move the main story forward!. Reward: 500 adventure points, 60 sources, 60,000 epidemics, x4 heroic experience and magic ore x6 power-up. To begin: Talk to Grace near the square of the statue of the God Anemo. The “Venti`s Story” quest should be completed. .