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“Please don`t do this to me,” Rosilla Clifford, who is due to marry at the age of 17. It was not fair that she married her sister`s fiancĂ©. Rosilla will do everything to stop her, she will not yet be bound by the chains of marriage. She didn`t want to get married like that, she wanted to marry someone she loved, so… Avalynn Grimaldi and Nicole Bonavich did not know they were about to get married because their parents promis each other. Since the two family members did not have a male heir, their firstborn were required to sign the marriage contract that their parents had entered into for them. How can two people who hated each other… Arabella married Lyle Armel as payment for her fathers` debts. The only information she has about this man is his reputation.

She will soon learn that this marriage would not be as simple as she thought, not if Lyle is powerful, dangerously tempting and carefree, when the lines fade and… Marriage is a big thing bigger than anyone thinks, it`s not easy and always cute, but Amber Rose Gomez is about to marry a man they`re not sure of Jayden Andrew Smith a wealthy businessman, what happens when they end up in a marriage they didn`t know? He wanted her to say something, everything! Why did she agree? Why did she agree to marry a man she didn`t even know? Why was she so weak, so stupid, so helpless? Above all, he wished that he could free himself from this mess, but his father had made it very clear; He couldn`t leave, only Kyra c… YOU CAN ONLY READ THE WHOLE BOOK ON DREAME. An arranged marriage and a plan were enough to make me feel like his unwanted fiancĂ©e. #1 in humour #6 humor. #2 in romance. Cover by @soundthealarm Kelsey Parker is an average 23-year-old woman with financial needs. With her little brother in the hospital, her mother, who works as a babysitter, and she who couldn`t finish college, money was scarce enough to make her rounds. Mason King is a billionaire. He can buy anything he wants as a… If Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn`t expect to fall in love with a man who would always consider her a second choice.