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A legal reservation of a liability insurance company is the expression of the insurer`s agreement to defend its policyholder on the limited condition[3] that it does not waive a right to later refuse coverage under the conditions of insurance. [1] A reserve of law allows an insurer to adapt to its broad duty of defence[4] while avoiding the waiver, waiver or forfeiture of rights[5] or the indictment of a judgment against its policyholder[6] and to warn the policyholder to take steps to protect himself from the insurer who reserves. [7] An insurer that reserves its rights may recover from its own taker certain sums that have been spent on defence costs[8] and settlement costs. [9] A right that does not yet exist cannot be created by reservation. [10] A valid legal reserve does not require the approval of the policyholder. [11] is an online travel agency for accommodation bookings. It is owned and operated by and is the main source of revenue for Booking Holdings based in the United States and headquartered in Amsterdam. [1] In March 2017, a Turkish court halted`s activities for violating Turkish competition law. [39] [40] stopped selling rooms in Turkey to Turkish users and obeying the order to block the site. However, the website and app can be used from abroad to make reservations for hotels in Turkey. [41] In July 2019, luxury hotel chain Aldemar[42] ended its participation in Booking`s offerings, citing “practices [by] contrary to market laws. The Greek hotel association denounced the practice of impose its percentage tax on VAT, including the full room rate. The company replied that, under the terms of its bilateral agreements with hotels, each party to such an agreement is free to depart from it “everywhere”.

[43] and its sister companies were the top donors in the Travel and Tourism category for Google Adwords in 2016 and spent $3.5 billion on PPC, Pay-per-Click. [16] In February 2013, Panorama Group, Indonesia`s largest tour operator and tour operator, entered into a strategic partnership with to access`s hotel portfolio. [14] Results: 24. Exactly: 0. Processing time: 101 ms. The site was again targeted by hackers in June 2018. [32] [33] In August 2012, Ctrip (now Group), a Chinese online travel company, partnered with the company to gain access to`s global portfolio. [12] The partnership was deepened in June 2018. [13] In April 2012, the company launched the world`s first last-minute hotel app, Tonight, designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. [24] In January 2013, first brand campaign, “Booking.yeah”, was launched online, broadcast in television channels and in cinemas and television channels for the United States.