Moscow Conference Agreements

The U.S. Secretary of State, the venerable Cordell Hull, made the first flight of his life to Moscow for the conference. On 30 October, the Moscow Declaration was signed by Vyaches Molotov, Anthony Eden, Cordell Hull and Foo Ping Shen, China`s ambassador to the Soviet Union. Agreements were also reached at the Moscow conference for the creation of a European Advisory Commission to make recommendations for the three governments and an advisory council for Italy, in cooperation with Greece and Yugoslavia. Mr. Byrnes recalled that the Yalta conference was a conference between the three heads of government. The foreign ministers met this morning. The three heads of government proposed to continue these meetings, based on the results of these morning meetings. At the Potsdam conference, the foreign ministers met again.

At the London conference, there was an agenda set by the heads of government. By the term “informal,” Mr. Byrnes simply meant to indicate that, contrary to the London procedure, foreign ministers were free to discuss each issue and that they were not limited to a pre-defined agenda. He simply felt that, at that conference, the foreign ministers were not bound by a pre-agreed agenda, but that they were free to discuss each issue. The Americans diverted the content of the conference from the question of the creation of a world peace organization to the question of Germany`s future. It was decided that Germany should be totally disarmed and compensated for the damage done to the Soviet Union and allied countries. The European Advisory Commission was set up to work on the proposed transfer conditions to Germany and its Axis satellites after the end of the war. Mr Bevin said the Soviet proposal had recreated the problem that had arisen in London. He said the delegates were further apart than in London, which put him in a very unpleasant situation. He wanted to reach an agreement on this point. He stressed that the Soviet proposal did not allow France to express its opinion on a peace treaty other than that with Italy, although France is a European power.