Marriage Agreement Books

When Olivia and Redd are engaged through a modern wedding, they both have reservations. Olivia worries about what Redd will do when he finds out she still has his V card, and Redd worries that she`s so much younger than him. It is the story of a modern woman who ends up with a sturdy rancher, and how her initial difficulties lead to trust, understanding and of course love. Quaid and Pepper have an arranged marriage, but when Pepper arrives at Quaid`s, she finds something she didn`t expect to see — a stepfather determined to make her miserable because he doesn`t want his son to marry her. But Quaid is different from his father and kind, handsome and patient. Will Pepper stay and marry Quaid and try to change her future husband`s father, or does she think it`s not worth it and she`s leaving? Thorne and Nova come from rival families, and they arranged their marriage for them. The plan is that they get married to end their family feud, but although Nova has been attracted to Thorne from the beginning, is this attraction enough to center a wedding? When they get to know each other, sparks fly, but none of them is convinced that their marriage will be all it takes to get rid of the family querrde once and for all. Alex and Lucy are getting married, but none of them want the wedding to take place. Lucy doesn`t like Scottish men, and Alex doesn`t feel like a marital material. On the eve of her wedding, when an event seems to be a betrayal, Lucy runs away. For them to be together, you have to do two things. Alex must first govern in his temperament and save Lucy from danger; And second, Lucy must swallow her pride and admit how she really feels about her husband. Gabi is a number drummer in a matchmaking agency who discovers that his youngest client, Hunter, is actually a perfect complement to himself.

But arranged marriages are not for her, so she refuses Hunter first. She finally agrees, but if Gabi is in danger later, how far will Hunter go to protect her? Because if he protects Gabi, he will be protected, but is he willing to go that far for a woman he doesn`t know? Devon and Emma have an arranged marriage — he does it because he needs a wife and he doesn`t want emotional ties, and she does it to help her family keep his farm.